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Hey, we are Three Dots Labs

Miłosz & Robert

We are the authors of the Three Dots Labs blog, and our e‑book: Go With The Domain: Building Modern Business Software in Go. These are both some of the most popular resources about advanced programming patterns in Go.

We are also authors of the Watermill library, the most popular Go library for building event-driven and message-driven applications.

We worked in many fields, including infrastructure, complex and global financial domains, healthcare, and security. In the meantime, we’ve built a few startups and led multiple teams. It gave us a broad perspective on software development across different organizations.

Since we met in high school, we’ve been building projects together for over 15 years. In 2016, we fell in love with Go’s simplicity and pragmatism. In our daily work, we help businesses win using Go software.

When we meet in our free time, we like to cook and eat some steaks and burgers.

How we create content

In opposition to the mainstream, we are against creating shallow content that hides the complexity of the real world. Instead, we have a different approach:

☑️ We cover topics in-depth, without hiding the complexity of production-grade software;
☑️ ️We don’t give false promises of golden hammers solving all problems. Instead, we show real-world problems and solutions;
☑️ ️Thanks to being a bootstrapped company, we are fully independent, and not paid by any company to promote their products;
☑️ ️We write about well-proven tools and techniques that we were using in multiple projects and teams;
☑️ ️We create content that is relevant in the long term;

Company details

Name: Three Dots Labs R. Laszczak M. Smółka s.c.
VAT ID (NIP): PL5532515842
Address: Laszczaków 25 Street, 34-312 Międzybrodzie Bialskie, Poland