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Build Microservices
like a pro

Have conferences and the internet convinced you that microservices will solve all your problems? Did you end up with even a bigger mess than before?

It's not your fault. Microservices aren't simple.

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Building microservices is
not easy

Microservices architecture became hugely popular over the last few years. Many companies hoped to solve all problems once and for all thanks to it.

Distributed systems are super complex, though. Many engineers found themselves fixing new types of problems after adopting microservices.

We've been working on microservices and modular monoliths in Go since 2017. We dedicated many posts on our blog to patterns and anti-patterns we've dealt with over the years.

After Go in One Evening, this is another training running on our interactive learning platform. Sign up to help us measure the demand. We'll let you know once it's ready.


You will learn about


API Gateways






How to split


Migrating strategies




Created by

Robert Laszczak & Miłosz Smółka

Three Dots Labs logo Three Dots Labs founders

We've been coding together for more than 13 years. In 2016, we fell in love with simplicity and pragmatism of Go. In our daily work we're building complex financial and healthcare solutions in Go.

You may know us from the Three Dots Labs blog, the Watermill library, or our e‑book: Go With The Domain: Building Modern Business Software in Go".

When we meet in our free time, we like to cook and eat some steaks and burgers.

Get fast feedback using your favorite editor and a terminal

Many courses feature a web editor you can use to solve exercises. We don't do that.

Using a web IDE skips the initial burden of installing tools. But it's not what you'll be using writing your applications. After finishing our training, you will use the same setup to build real projects.

You will work using your favorite code editor and a terminal. You don't need to worry about downloading snippets and running exercises. Our CLI takes care of it. You can just focus on learning.

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