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Learn Go in one evening

Overwhelmed with multiple ways to learn Go? Bored by long courses with no practical examples?

Don't give up. With our training, you'll be a productive Go developer by tomorrow.


Learning Go should be
easy and fun

New joiners with no Go experience deployed changes to production on their first day in teams we've been leading.

Go makes it possible because it's a powerful yet simple language. But it's hard to learn it quickly without real-life examples.

Over the years, we've found out that building real projects is a better way to learn than reading books or writing trivial examples.

Following our experience in learning and teaching, we've designed a practical Go training. In one evening, it will kick-start you in writing Go applications.


Why Go?

Why Go stays our favorite language?

Gopher with cup


Go is fast enough for low-level and high throughout applications.
Big projects compile quickly.

Easy to Deploy

Build a single binary containing all dependencies, ship to your server, and run.

Widely Adopted

Go is used across many industries and in popular open-source software, like Docker, Grafana, and Prometheus.


Go doesn't use a virtual machine. Startup times and memory usage are minimal.

Statically Typed

Using other languages won't feel the same after using Go's type system.

In Demand

According to the Stack Overflow Survey, Go is one of the best paid programming languages.


What makes our training unique?

Get fast feedback using your favorite editor and a terminal

Many courses feature a web editor you can use to solve exercises. We don't do that.

Using a web IDE skips the initial burden of installing tools. But it's not what you'll be using writing your applications. After finishing our training, you will use the same setup to build real projects.

You will work using your favorite code editor and a terminal. You don't need to worry about downloading snippets and running exercises. Our CLI takes care of it. You can just focus on learning.

Start learning

Created by

Robert Laszczak & Miłosz Smółka

Three Dots Labs logo Three Dots Labs founders

We've been coding together for more than 13 years. In 2016, we fell in love with simplicity and pragmatism of Go. In our daily work we're building complex financial and healthcare solutions in Go.

You may know us from the Three Dots Labs blog, the Watermill library, or our e‑book: Go With The Domain: Building Modern Business Software in Go".

When we meet in our free time, we like to cook and eat some steaks and burgers.

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Is that training for you?

Our goal wasn't to create a mediocre training for everyone.
We wanted to design the best training possible for a specific group of developers.

This training is for you if:

You already know programming basics.

You prefer a practical approach to learning.

You want to become productive quickly.

You want to learn real-life scenarios.

You like to work in your local environment.

You know the value of your time.

This training is not for you if:

You don't know any other programming language.
You need a basic programming knowledge (e.g., you know what functions and variables are).

You're looking for a video course you can passively watch. This is a 100% hands-on training.

You want to learn advanced topics in depth, like memory management or performance improvements.
It's not what most developers need, especially when starting out.

Is this training not for you? Do you have friends looking to learn Go? Share it with them!

For more advanced topics, see our free e-book!

How does the training look like?


You will learn how to build and use












Building CLI

HTTP server

HTTP client

Start your journey with Go today for:


It’s like 1 hour of average Go developer’s salary!

Start learning Go

24h money-back guarantee. Zero risk!

Check 17 exercises for free

Not sure if you'll fall in love with Go? Check the first 17 exercises for free, and we bet you'll want more!

Access to private Discord channels

Learning alone is hard. Ask for help and discuss your ideas with other Gophers.

Lifetime access and updates

We plan to add new modules in the future. You get all updates for free.

We are indie

Support indie developers

We are a two-developers bootstrapped company. By supporting us, you help a small indie business to grow!

Still not sure?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We're doing our best to make you satisfied with the training content.

If you're not happy with the training, you can return it within 24 hours. You don't need to provide any reason. We'll just return your money. You risk nothing!

I'm joining the training!
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We designed this training in a way that it's possible to achieve when you have entire, uninterrupted evening.

We know that it's luxury for some people to have an entire uninterrupted evening. If it's your case our training is also for you! You can continue the training the next day or month. The result will be the same.

No... just kidding. Of course, you can do the training whenever you like ;-). We're using evening to show that you can learn Go quickly, within a few hours.

We would really like to do that, but it's just not possible as long as there are 24 hours in a day.

Instead, we provide support in a private Discord channel. You'll receive access to private channels after joining the training.

Yes! It's an important part of our mission to provide access to free materials if you're not working in the industry yet.

Please contact us via with a proof that you're a student. We'll try to reply ASAP.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We're doing our best to make you satisfied with the training content. But it would be arrogant to think we'll be able to satisfy everyone.

Our return policy is super simple to ensure that you'll be happy with the training: you can return the training within 24 hours without any reason.

No questions asked. Of course, it would be great to know your reasons, so we're able to improve the training in the future.

We offer a 10% discount when you buy 10 or more training licences. For more details please contact us at

One account can be used only by one user.

If you want to buy more licences, please contact us with the details how many licences your need at

Yes. Please specify your TAX ID during checkout.