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Learn Event-Driven Go

Never again distributed monoliths.

It's time to go beyond REST.


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Did you ever hear that you should use microservices to avoid coupling? And then had to work with services that need to be deployed together or one going down breaks the entire platform?

Let's face it: distributed systems are hard. It's easy to create a messy distributed monolith in place of that legacy system you're trying to replace.

The good news is we've been there, and you don't need to re-invent the wheel.

Stay with us for a while if you want to learn how to:

  • build scalable and decoupled services,
  • design advanced event-driven systems,
  • avoid turning your project into a legacy just after release,
  • model events with different tradeoffs.

We designed an online training that does it by building real-world projects. With no boring videos to watch.

Gopher of time

Time is the only thing you can't buy

How much would you remember after watching a 100-hour-long video course? We select just the theory you need to be productive.


If you prefer to passively watch video lectures for hours, you are on the wrong website. This training is 100% hands-on. You will get your hands dirty with coding.

Practical Gopher
Gopher of success

Real-world examples

The best way to become productive in a technology is by solving real problems with it. Read and write applications you would build in your day job.

Stay in your environment. Use your favorite tools.

In this training, you use your favorite code editor and terminal.
Our CLI does all heavy lifting. You can focus on learning.

After finishing the training, you can use the same tools to build your next projects.

What graduates like about our platform?

Real quotes from the feedback form we ask graduates to fill.

"No videos to watch :)" "Clear and short description" "Working in own preferred IDE" "The fact that I can use my own editor" "clean and concise explanations" "outstanding experience" "I appreciated the hands on nature of the course" "Concise" "Minimum time max value" "theory well explained" "Discord support" "I LOVED the running projects." "explanations and texts very well written" "training in my own env" "it's not a copy-paste guide, you need to think!" "how easy is to set up" "hands on coding" "Compact knowledge" "all the samples built the one project as real" "The projects were great, especially regarding http" "I like the small size of almost all lessons." "Fantastic overall" "Exercise driven learning" ""real" examples with some common use-cases" "the way to use the cli and the page" "Being able to understand some of the best practices" "general approach to solving problems is excellent" "precise and packed information"


Created by

Robert Laszczak & Miłosz Smółka

Three Dots Labs logo Three Dots Labs founders

You may know us from the Three Dots Labs blog, the Watermill library, or our e‑book: Go With The Domain: Building Modern Business Software in Go.

Last year, we released Go in One Evening, our first hands-on online training.

We've been building projects together for over 14 years. In 2016, we fell in love with simplicity and pragmatism of Go. In our daily work we're helping businesses win using Go software.

When we meet in our free time, we like to cook and eat some steaks and burgers.

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The current state of the training

🎉 We hit the pre-sale target! We aim to release all the content before the end of June.

We plan to run the next sale in the autumn.

Is it for you?

We want to build the best trainings possible for a specific group of developers.

This training is a perfect match if:

You already know Go basics.

You prefer to learn by doing.

You look for knowledge you can apply in your projects.

You want to learn real-life scenarios.

You like to work in your local environment.

You're ok paying to save your time.

You won't like it if:

You are a junior developer. It's designed for experienced developers.

You're looking for a video course you can passively watch. You won't be able to progress without finishing the hands-on exercises.

You don't know Go.
See Go in One Evening, our training on the basics.

You don't want to pay to learn.
Learn to build Modern Business Applications in Go with our free e-book.

Selected Reviews of "Go in One Evening" — Our First Training

See what professional developers say.

Review avatar

Tobias Andersson

Site Reliability Engineer, ComeOn Group

What is often missing when learning new things is interactivity along with easy explanations for complex technical terms.

This course has all the elements that made it an incredible course, it is interesting, challenging but above all incredibly educational.

Review avatar

Luís Pinto

Backend Engineer

The content was really well put together, everything builds upon what we are learning along the way and the approach of the small projects where all the knowledge is tied up together works really well!

This was a really nice course - I'd say that's a 10/10 in terms of value for money. I'm eager to start the next course from Three Dots Labs as soon as it's available!

Max Wolffe

Sr. Software Engineer, Databricks

Go In One Evening is an incredible way to quickly get a working knowledge of Go!

The training is interactive and follows some excellent teaching patterns (spaced repetition, interleaving, etc). Highly recommend.