Building Modern Business Software in Go

Why business software?

Go 2020 Survey shows that majority of Go developers write API/RPC services. 68% percent of respondents use Go for “web programming”.

If you think “business software” is just enterprise payroll applications, think again. If you work on any web application or SaaS product, you write business software.

You’ve seen poor code before, and we did as well. What’s worse, we’ve experienced how poorly designed codebases hold the product’s rapid growth and the company’s success.

We looked into different patterns and techniques on how to improve this. We applied them in practice within our teams and seen some work very well.

Go With The Domain Three Dots Labs

How is this book different?

Examples are great for learning, so we decided to create a real, open-source, and deployable web application that would help us show the patterns.

Most of the ideas in this book shine in applications with complex business scenarios. Some make sense in simpler cases, and some will look like terrible over-engineering if used in small projects. Try to be pragmatic and choose the best tool for the job. We share some hints on this topic as well.

Who we are?

We’re Miłosz and Robert, co-founders of Three Dots Labs.