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Learn Go in one evening

You don't become an engineer by watching videos.

Learn Go hands-on by building real projects.

Learn Go now!

How to learn Go?

Here are the common ways to start learning Go.

Books are great and go deep on many topics. But they're also long and each chapter describes an entire concept even if you won't use it right away.

Videos are popular and seem like an easy way to pick up any topic. They work if you have the time to watch long hours of content.

Reading the standard library is the classic advice you'll get in the community. It might be a good idea if you plan to create another language or standard library.

Free online articles and examples contain some hidden gems and lots of bad advice. You can learn a lot, but it's hard to tell one from the other.

All the above miss one key thing: practice. We designed an online training where you learn this rare knowledge by building real-world projects. No boring videos to watch.

Gopher of time

You can't buy time

It's rare to find high-quality learning materials. They're often inconsistent, outdated, or incomplete. (We've been there.)

Go In One Evening distills practical knowledge. We focus on essential topics and filter out the noise to ensure you're productive right away.

Practical Gopher


You can't learn to drive a car from a book or a video. Creating software is no different.

This training is all about practice. You'll get your hands dirty with coding to grasp the topics. If you prefer passively watching videos, you're on the wrong website.

Practical Gopher
Gopher of success

Real-world examples

Have you ever wondered why many tutorials use a coffee machine analogy? It takes work to come up with proper examples.

Abstract or too simple examples leave you unprepared for real-world challenges. In Go In One Evening, you apply what you learn to a real-world project.

Stay in your environment. Use your favorite tools.

We created a custom platform that guides you through the training. It's a unique experience that helps you learn the fastest way possible. You won't find such a learning platform anywhere else.

Work on real-life projects doesn't happen in the browser. We let you stay with your favorite tools. VS Code, GoLand, Vim, Emacs? It's up to you.

You can solve the exercises at any time that suits you best. You can start the training now, in a week, or a year.

How our trainings look like?

Based on the example of our Go Event-Driven training.

What's inside?


You will learn how to build and use












Building CLI

HTTP server

HTTP client


What makes our training unique?

finished in by half of trainees
of 10 average rating by graduates
of graduates recommend the training

Why Go?

Why Go stays our favorite language?

Gopher with cup


Go is fast enough for low-level and high throughout applications.
Big projects compile quickly.

Easy to Deploy

Build a single binary containing all dependencies, ship to your server, and run.

Widely Adopted

Go is used across many industries and in popular open-source software, like Docker, Grafana, and Prometheus.


Go doesn't use a virtual machine. Startup times and memory usage are minimal.

Statically Typed

Using other languages won't feel the same after using Go's type system.

In Demand

n light of those aspects, Go stands out as one of the best paid among popular programming languages.


Created by

Robert Laszczak & Miłosz Smółka

Three Dots Labs logo Three Dots Labs founders

We are authors of the Three Dots Labs blog, and our e‑book: Go With The Domain: Building Modern Business Software in Go. Those are both some of the most popular resources about advanced programming patterns in Go.

We are also authors of the Watermill library, the most popular Go library for building event-driven and message-driven applications.

We worked in many fields, including infrastructure, complex and global financial domains, healthcare, and security. In the meantime, we've built a few startups and led multiple teams. It gave us a broad perspective on software development across different organizations.

We've been building projects together for over 15 years. In 2016, we fell in love with the simplicity and pragmatism of Go. In our daily work, we're helping businesses win using Go software.

We've been building projects together for over 15 years. In 2016, we fell in love with the simplicity and pragmatism of Go. In our daily work, we're helping businesses win using Go software.

When we meet in our free time, we like to cook and eat some steaks and burgers.

Trusted by the Go community

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See what professional developers say.

Review avatar

Luís Pinto

Backend Engineer

The content was really well put together, everything builds upon what we are learning along the way and the approach of the small projects where all the knowledge is tied up together works really well!

This was a really nice course - I'd say that's a 10/10 in terms of value for money. I'm eager to start the next course from Three Dots Labs as soon as it's available!

Review avatar

Fernando Munoz

Developer & Tech Chieff, Microplan

I love this course! I was planning to learn Go but I find it very difficult since there was no single source where I could learn about Project structure... Base concepts of Go... Conventions... Concurrency...

All this in a fun and easy way! I think I came to the right place and I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn Go! And improve their skills as a Dev.

Thank you guys!!

Review avatar

Sebastian Will

Software Developer, Freelancer

I managed to break the training into smaller sessions to get a good overview about Go during my holidays. The individual topics contain concise information about the language's specifics and can be used as a short and handy reference later on.

The integration into VS code is working great; all in all it's a no fuss, hands-on primer that gets you up to speed.

Review avatar

Daniel Fenert


Very good training that systemizes essential Go knowledge with simple exercises. Good value for money.

Review avatar

Bilal Islam

Senior Developer, Freelancer

The Three Dots Labs team created a great training for all Go lovers. I had fun while I was guided to the next step every module. That is to say, I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

Review avatar

Andrés Uris

Software Developer, NaranjaX

Great training to learn and practice go fundamentals

I have enjoyed and learned a lot from this training. I feel more confident with my knowledge about programming Go and now I have a great foundation that will help me a lot in my journey with Go

Review avatar

Tobias Andersson

Site Reliability Engineer, ComeOn Group

What is often missing when learning new things is interactivity along with easy explanations for complex technical terms.

This course has all the elements that made it an incredible course, it is interesting, challenging but above all incredibly educational.

Review avatar

Juan Lasso

Del Valle University

This is one of the best programming courses online and Threedots way of teaching is awesome. The course is easy to setup and the exercises are ready to go!

Review avatar

Yehor Masalitin

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with experience in Java / Kotlin / Python / JS but I have never tried Go and didn't want to learn it the regular way as it was too boring to go over again of "Imagine that the variable is a box...".

This course was amazing for me, I just learned what is DIFFERENT in Go from all the other languages I worked with. Loved it. Highly recommended.

Fakhri Aunur

Master's Student of Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung

I enjoyed this byte-sized, incrementally challenging, concise learning. This really helped me learn new programming language effectively and efficiently as a student.

Max Wolffe

Sr. Software Engineer, Databricks

Go In One Evening is an incredible way to quickly get a working knowledge of Go!

The training is interactive and follows some excellent teaching patterns (spaced repetition, interleaving, etc). Highly recommend.

Ramzi A.

Software Engineer, Flex

This is really fantastic way to jump in head first using Go and understanding the key pieces of the language. You will use some of the key attributes that make Go unique and why you would grab it (concurrency, error handling, type safety). Can't recommend enough it is challenging at some points but I think its important to be challenged to get better at what you do.

I will be happy to purchase any other products by threedots!

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Is that training for you?

We wanted to design the best training possible for a specific group of developers.

This training is a perfect match if:

You already know one programming language.

You prefer to learn by doing.

You want to be productive within a few hours.

You want to learn real-life scenarios.

You like to work in your local environment.

You're ok paying to save your time.

You won't like it if:

You don't know any other programming language.

You're looking for a video course you can passively watch.

You want to learn advanced topics in depth, like memory management or performance improvements.

If you already know Go basics:

What graduates like about the training

Real quotes from the feedback form we ask graduates to fill.

No videos to watch :) Everything you need to start programming Clear and short description Working in own preferred IDE The fact that I can use my own editor really good value for money clean and concise explanations outstanding experience I appreciated the hands on nature of the course Concise Minimum time max value theory well explained Discord support I LOVED the running projects. explanations and texts very well written training in my own env it's not a copy-paste guide, you need to think! how easy is to set up hands on coding Compact knowledge even if you know golang, it's not boring all the samples built the one project as real The projects were great, especially regarding http I like there's no need for go to be installed, great for beginners I like the small size of almost all lessons. Fantastic overall Exercise driven learning "real" examples with some common use-cases the way to use the cli and the page makes some of the complex topics easy to understand Being able to understand some of the best practices How integrated the platform and the cli are Actually working on project in parallel with reading helped retention building a real exercise vs just teaching concepts general approach to solving problems is excelent The individual exercises - very fun! I liked how we built a basic web app from scratch How fast it works A discord community Covered all the Go topics

We are indie

Support indie developers

We are a two-developers bootstrapped company. By buying this training, you help a small indie business to grow! It lets us continue creating more advanced trainings.

We understand that some of you can't afford our training because you're still learning. We prepared a scholarship program for students. For more details, please check the FAQ.

Still not sure?

We're developers ourselves, and we carefully pick our paid tools. We want you to be sure you've made a good career investment by buying the training.

If you're not happy with the training, you can return it within 24 hours. You don't need to provide any reason. We'll just return your money. You can try and see if you like it with no risk.

I'm joining the training!
Gopher of trust


We designed this training in a way that it's possible to achieve when you have entire, uninterrupted evening.

We know that it's luxury for some people to have an entire uninterrupted evening. If it's your case our training is also for you! You can continue the training the next day or month. The result will be the same.

No... just kidding. Of course, you can do the training whenever you like ;-). We're using evening to show that you can learn Go quickly, within a few hours.

We would really like to do that, but it's just not possible as long as there are 24 hours in a day.

Instead, we provide support in a private Discord channel. You'll receive access to private channels after joining the training.

Yes! It's an important part of our mission to provide access to free materials if you're not working in the industry yet.

Please contact us via with a proof that you're a student. We'll try to reply ASAP.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We're doing our best to make you satisfied with the training content. But it would be arrogant to think we'll be able to satisfy everyone.

Our return policy is super simple to ensure that you'll be happy with the training: you can return the training within 24 hours without any reason.

No questions asked. Of course, it would be great to know your reasons, so we're able to improve the training in the future.

We offer a 10% discount when you buy 10 or more training licences. For more details please contact us at

One account can be used only by one user.

If you want to buy more licences, please contact us with the details how many licences your need at

Yes. Please specify your TAX ID during checkout.